Ye District Court was bombed two days in a row

The Ye District Court in Ye City, Mon State was attacked with bombs on the evening of September 8 and the morning of September 9, according to residents.

A mine made of 60 mm rocket grenade was detonated and attacked in front of the Ye district court at around 6:45 pm on September 8, and a 40 mm grenade launcher was fired upon again at around 11:45 am on September 9, said a local.
“There was an explosion in front of the district court in the other day (September 😎. I heard that the glass doors of the court were destroyed. The next time, yesterday (September 9), at around 11:45 am, it was shot again with a grenade launcher. We don’t know the extent of the damage,” the resident said.

The District Court was opened at 9:00 am on September 1, and the attacks on the court were occurred for two days in a row. The security forces conducted strict inspections at the entrance and exit points of the city after these incidents, according to the residents.

security has been tightened at the locations of departmental offices and traffic restrictions have been put in place in Ye City as frequent shootings and explosions occurred at security checkpoints, police stations and departmental offices in Ye city, Ye Township, Ye District in Mon State, according to residents.

News – Bobo Myint

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